We Are Shameless Idealists

While we remain rooted in math and science, the problems we aim to solve are grand and encompass all aspects of life. We refuse to accept what is, instead we seek ‘what could be’

Tomorrow is Not a Mystery

Advanced mathematics and proven science take the guesswork out of understanding the future. The power of data is not constrained by industry, geography or even time

Relentlessness Gets Results

We keep asking questions until we get the answer that matters the most. Be it worldly nobleness, business acumen or bottom line benefits, we let data to solve problems

Our Purpose

With the help of big data, we develop practical and reliable solutions of high value, to our clients and the future

Our Vision

We believe that every line of code we write shall have an impact on someone’s life around the world



  • Insurance

    Accurate decision making with valuable insights and streamlined analytics from public and private data

  • Healthcare

    Medical data combined with individual expenditures interlinking with disease probability and risk factor analysis

  • Retail

    Forecast analysis for predicting market demand for optimized inventory allocations and marketing planning


Our Hourglass Analytics platform is a real time data simulation engine. It aggregates and filters vast amounts of internal and external data, then applies a suite of advanced analytics to solve problems and project future values

  • Sort HGx

    Our data aggregation engine seeks out and searches open databases from around the world. It also ingests internal data regardless of source and allows you to change data sources on the fly without having to alter your schema

  • Sift HGx

    Our filtering system normalizes billions of interactions, posts, news sources, and metadata with precision. It also removes unnecessary data that either is not useful or can be inferred from other values

  • Solve HGx

    Our query engine extracts answers that can be formatted, reshaped, and customized for automatic consumption by your business intelligence (BI) and ETL tools, data scientists, statisticians, visualizers, data analysts and operation managers

  • Simulate HGx

    Our forecasting engine extrapolates data values into future. This helps us understand the data, the questions, and what the original problem would look like in the future

Let Data Make Optimum Decisions for You